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Council Consent for Tiled Showers

Installing a tiled shower without a building consent can have long-term implications for homeowners. The biggest impact is likely to arise when they decide to sell their home with a renovated bathroom, including the tiled shower. The ADLSI/REINZ standard agreement for sale and purchase contains a warranty from the vendor that, where the vendor has done or authorised any work to be done on the property that required a building consent:

(a) the vendor obtained a building consent;

(b) to their knowledge, the works were completed in compliance with that consent; and

(c) a code compliance certificate was issued by Council for those works.

A homeowner who has replaced a tray and liner-style shower with a tiled shower and not obtained building consent will not be able to comply with the above warranties. It is possible to amend the standard vendor warranties and disclose the issue to potential purchasers, but this may have an impact on the purchase price and/or saleability of the property.

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