Frequently Asked Questions

Renovation costs usually equate to 50% labour & 50% Fixtures & tiles

  • The cost of labour – this remains fairly consistent
  • The cost of fixtures & tiles – this varies greatly depending on what items you choose

For example:

For a bathroom with minimal tiling, acrylic shower, vanity, wc, bath and tapware we estimate could cost between 15-21k

For a bathroom with a custom made shower, and new fixtures & fittings, fully tiled we estimate the cost between 20-28k + dependent on the fixtures & fittings chosen.

Bathroom remodelling with contemporary high-quality materials, plumbing finishes & fittings provides some of the best return on investment in your home, when a renovation job is well designed you can count on an improvement in the value of your home.






Project Management

Waterproofer & Tiler

Bathroom designer

Bathrooms Inc provide a 5 Year guarantee on all building work

10 Year Guarantee on Custom Made Glass

10 Year warranty on Waterproofing

Manufacturer’s Warranty on all fixtures & fittings

Depending on the complexity of the job Bathrooms estimate between 4-5 weeks until completion.
For example:
3 weeks for a bathroom with an acrylic shower & minimal tiling (floor & skirt)
Up to 5 weeks for a fully tiled bathroom, with custom made tiled shower

You only want to do this once so it is important to do it right, so it starts with a cleverly crafted plan. If there is something that doesn’t work in your current bathroom write it down and if you have an absolute desire write it down.

Then you need to contact the showroom and speak to the designer who will make an appointment for Paul the project manager to come over for a FREE consultation.

Paul will go over the details of your “Dream Bathroom” and measure up. He then brings his plans & sketches back to the showroom where he will work with the designer Becky to produce you a detailed and accurate quote, along with as many concepts of bathroom design & layout as they can.

You are then invited back to the showroom to view these quotations, plans & product.